E-mail and newsletter testing tools
Powerful testing tools save you time, cut out errors and maximise your deliverability.


Chirrupon includes advanced testing tools, so you can proof and test your e-mails quickly and extensively.

  • ‘Inbox Preview’ proofing tool*
  • How do your e-mails look when they're delivered? 
    You need to know because as many as 19% of e-mail recipients will delete an e-mail unread, if it hasn't rendered properly in their inbox!**
    You wouldn't print a brochure without proofing it first. That's why Chirrupon includes a time-slashing 'Inbox Preview' proofing tool.
    In just one-click you can see how your e-mail and branding look in over 20 key email applications – before you hit the send button.
    Read more.
  • Subject line split-testing tool High performing subject lines are critical for your open rates. And there is only one way to find out which subject lines will maximise your open rates – testing. Chirrupon includes an ingenious split-testing tool.
    Use this invaluable ‘open-rate booster’ to simultaneously test two different subject lines in a campaign. Chirrupon will analyse which line is performing the best, and switch the rest of your e-mail sends to that winning subject line.

  • Advanced spam-checker Along with the Inbox Preview proofing tool, you'll enjoy an advanced spam checker that provides a detailed breakdown of your results.
Plus - free unlimited testing

With Chirrupon you can send unlimited test e-mails to up to 20 e-mail addresses, and preview personalised content. So you can be sure your e-mails look right, before you actually send them.

Tip. Availability of advanced testing tools differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
Compare package features here.
Click for a FREE trial , or call us on 01772 254000 for a no obligation demonstration of this seriously brilliant tool.
* Per usage charge applies
** Email Labs 2005 survey


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