Create precision-targeted segments from your database – updated in real time
With Chirrupon you can easily build sophisticated, highly effective data segmentation queries – in a matter of seconds.

So based on whatever transactional, demographic or behavioral data you hold in your customer database, you can use Chirrupon to segment your data into razor-sharp targeted groups.
No need to re-write or re-run your queries – Chirrupon updates them in real time
Once you’ve created a data segment, Chirrupon will update it every time a new contact matching that profile is added to your database. So you don’t have to spend time rewriting and re-running queries with Chirrupon, they will always be up-to-date.
Segment your data, and drive your revenue
With it, you can turn your database into a powerful engine that will:
  • Drive trigger e-mails based on transactional and demographic profiles and preferences.
  • Drive a trigger e-mail series (e.g. like a renewal programme).
  • Drive trigger e-mails based on recipients’ behaviour when they receive your main e-mail.
  • Drive ROI-boosting, targeted offers and messages to individual groups, based on profile and preferences.
  • Drive your database marketing to achieve maximum results - both online and offline.

Tip. Availability of Survey Builder differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
Compare package features here.

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