Any PC or Mac with an internet connection.
The trial version is exactly the same as the full version, but is restricted so that you can't send more than 20 e-mails at a time. Once you've decided that you want to use Chirrupon, just give us a call and we'll arrange the rest.
For up to 30 days. After this time your account will expire and you’ll need to call us if you need to extend the trial.
We have clients in pretty well every sphere of the commercial world, plus many charities and public sector institutions. Many clients are large household names, but others are SMEs, specialist internet traders, web start-ups etc.


The common thread tends to be that they're organisations who don't just want to 'send lots of e-mails' - they want to use Chirrupon as the basis of ongoing intelligent and targeted campaigns.
Our Value Plan accounts (fixed monthly fee) are for a minimum period is 12 months.

Pay per Send accounts have no minimum period and are available by special arrangement.

Contact us for futher details.

Invoices are generated on the last day of each month and refer to the previous calendar month's activity.
We're here and available during UK office hours, via e-mail or telephone. You’ll be able to talk to an e-mail marketing consultant - who can help you get the most out of your e-mail marketing - and get access to a dedicated support team for any technical enquiries.
Security and Delivery
Spam filters generally work on a 'points' system - there isn't one factor that'll get your e-mail blocked. Much, of course, depends on the content. Read our quick guide or talk to us if you have any questions about do's and don'ts.


We have links and working relationships with all the large e-mail providers (AOL, Hotmail etc). We also take great care to conform to their best practice guidelines and technical specifications. Chirrupon e-mails 'announce themselves' as such, and are fully traceable back to our servers - one of the characteristics of less reputable mailing software is that it tries to disguise its origin. We also take great care to 'vet' our clients in order to weed out those who might be sending spam e-mail - this protects you from being tarred by association.
Two main reasons:


Support: We offer personal customer service during UK office hours, and are very, very easy to get hold of should you need help with a feature or technical support.


Deliverability: The e-mail marketing 'culture' in the UK is tighter and more professional, with an emphasis on targeting emails to those who have opted-in to receive them (the vast majority of spam emails originate from providers in the USA). This gives us two advantages - we don't have a problem with our servers being 'blacklisted' by ISPs, and we are geared up to provide 100% delivery, rather than expecting many e-mails to be rejected. UK companies also have to abide by the Data Protection Act.


You should also carefully compare features between products - especially on the tracking/reporting front.
Managing Addresses and Lists
We do not sell lists ourselves.


If you are buying lists externally, we recommend that you carefully check the source of any you purchase. We can recommend a reputable and reliable source of good quality lists; they are leading members of the DMA and will offer you independent and unbiased advice. Contact us for more details.
You can create as many campaigns as you like, and send them to as many people as you like. Some of our users have over a million addresses held... others have under a hundred. There are no 'upgrade costs' for extra storage etc.
Chirrupon can be set to send from any address at ''. However, we recommend that you use a dedicated domain for your e-mail marketing sends, to avoid your main domain being affected by blacklisting. We can help you with this.
This happens automatically. You can use a drop down menu to insert an 'unsubscribe' link in your e-mail - users who click this are taken to a web page that confirms their wish to opt-out and following this they'll be removed from the relevant list.


You can easily export a list of unsubscribers from Chirrupon to help you manage any offline lists you have - this will export in a format you choose. As a failsafe, Chirrupon won't re-upload any names that have previously unsubscribed to a list - but you should always take care to delete them from your own records should you be keeping separate information locally.


If you're a web programmer, you can use our API to unsubscribe users.


Chirrupon supports CSV files. The vast majority of companies and software can therefore integrate with it.
Creating E-mails
We can offer you a full HTML design service if required - from a single template to a full suite. In fact, we design for some very well-known companies. Once we've designed a template you can edit it yourself and use it time and time again for no additional charge. Contact us for more details.
Yes - Chirrupon can upload any HTML page so if you want to create something externally then that's no problem. However you can still edit your template within Chirrupon.
No, as this will lead to a large proportion of your e-mails being blocked by spam filters and anti-virus software. Instead of an attachment, upload a document to a page on your website and place a link to it on your e-mail. That way your recipients can choose whether to download it or not - and you'll also get a report on exactly who has done this.

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