Chirrupon's design suite is so easy to use, once you've tried it you’ll never look back!
At the heart of Chirrupon is a WYSIWYG e-mail creation and edit system that is flexible and incredibly easy-to-use.


In an environment very similar to Microsoft Word, you can:
  • Type text
  • Upload pictures or graphics
  • Insert tables
  • Change colours
  • Change typefaces
  • Delete things you don't like…
  • Try it one way…
  • ...change it back to how it was before.
So why is the Chirrupon design suite different?

It's different – and so much better – because it enables totally flexible point-and-click design.
There's no prescriptive 'wizard' system or forms that just produce variations on the same templates.
Once you’ve used the Chirrupon design suite, you’ll never look back.

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